…”The power of our visions and expectations does flow out of us like a continuous pray. This power is greater than we can understand it today. It’s time to use it until it will be late.”…


The Secret of Shambhala



Shamballa 1024
We can name the energy of Shambhala 1024 as multidimensional healing.  It is a compound of few kind of energies:

  • Universal life energy (Reiki)
  • I am – God’s presence  - Mahathma energy
  • Energy of upraised masters

The Shambhala 1024 healing system is a liberality of master Saint Germain for people on the Earth. It was used in the past in age of Atlantis. Now this healing system returned back and it was channeled in year 2003. Shambhala is a compound of energies, those concern concentrate on healing through wisdom, that everything is connected together. Energy of Shambhala supports the healing of planet Earth and everything living through self-healing.
This system contains 1024 symbols divided into four levels, each of 256 symbols are transmitted telepathic during four initiations. The fourth level is a master degree. The system of Shamballa is not destined only for healing of those, whose vibrations are in higher energetical spectrums, but for all living people, animal or plant.
In spite of it’s power and might, Shambhala can’t heal karmic diseases nor those we choosed before our incarnation to Earth as our way, nor diseases in last stage. But it is able to relieve sufferings.
The matter of course:

  • Energy of Shambhala
  • Healing of people, animals and plants, healing at a distance

Frequencies and their effect on healing


How can the energy of Shambhala help us?
While connecting to energy of Shambhala we can connect to energy of upraised masters, Elohim and Archangels, who can help us and with their light through us to help other people to light up their life and many of it’s areas. They can help us in our spiritual growth and healing on all levels or removing inhibitions, free up our emotional attachments and old forms of thinking and acting, dissolve our karmic loads.
Today, when the humanity is at the edge of transformation to other dimesion of life, thinking and values with higher vibrations, this energy is coming near and is getting accessable to all, who believe in it’s might and want to work on self-growing, helping us to change our life and everything around us. The energy of Shambhala help us to grow to higher dimensions.


My experiences with Shambhala 1024
Many years before I met Shambhala I used energy of Reiki what did help me to move to forward in my life. I say, that “someone there above” knew exactly, what plan he has with me... Through disease of my daughter, who was suffered by pneumonia and thorough her stays at hospital with final diagnose asthma, I faced this diagnose and searched any way how to help her... Praying for help resulted in encountering Reiki... and this was the springboard and a lot of new encounters, which helped me to open doors to any destinations, where I needed to be in the right moment...
I thank to all in all dimensions, who lead my steps and prepared the encountering with with Shambhala 1024. This energy is very powerful and intensive, I use it in all spheres of my life.
This system is destined to heal all who vibrate in all kind of ergetical spectrums. When this healing system growth, there were some opinions, that Shambhala 1024 is destined only to those, who are vibrating in higher energy spectrums. My opinion is different: It is destined for all people, who want to light up their life. Who accept to be healed by Shambhala 1024, he allready found it alone and does want to move in this process higher. In this moment there is not too much people vibrating in higher energetical spectrums of this beautifull energy, but the number daily increases...
While the Earh is in process of planetar growth, many people understood their chances and are growing with Earth, others better decided to stay in 3D vibration.
The only problem is, that if people decide to walk on way of growth, the western medical healing system will not be effective anymore. The western medical healing system was created for third dimension an is able to heal only on physical level of the body. Many diseases cannot be healed in 3D, I mean AIDS, cancer, allergies, dependencies, poisoning by heavy metals, regenerating of totally damaged insides...  Usui Reiki cannot help in these cases, because it’s frequency spectrum is too low. Symbols of Usui Reiki vibrate in 3D. Reiki was during many years a great healing method for people in the past. But now in age of growing the people need new healing methods.

The symbols of Shambhala 1024 are vibrating in 5 D and are able to heal the most of diseases unhealed in 3D and also the above mentioned except of karmic diseases.

Who can use Shamballa 1024?
I think, that anyone, who decide to work with energy of Shambhala is on the way of searching and does work on himself and wants to change something in the life. It is possible, that the encountering with Shambhala and initiation to energies of Shambhala can start a strong self healing process in body, spirit, leaving everything old, unnecessary, what lost the sense in the life, what cab finally disappear from our life. It can be work, relationships…anything.
But this energy is so much wise and lovely, that if asking it’s power, it’s strength will be only that high, what the person is able to accept and manage... And the more You use it and work on self-growing, the more it helps in any sphere of existence.
Based on my own experiences and experiences of my friends, who graduated with me in all four levels of Shambhala 1024, that all of us noticed after the introductory self-healing many positive changes in any sphere of life – work, relationships, understanding of life and ourselves...
I wish to all of You who choose this way of beauty and adventures, that Your life change to better and it’s quality to turn to better in all spheres. I wish You a lot of patience, love and sunshine...

Shamballa 2002
Shambhala 2002 is a upgrade of Shambhala 1024. It’s a system of higher vibrations that Shambhala 1024. It contains 2002 symbols. Systém was channeled in year of 2006.
Energies of Shambhala 2002 are much stronger anb focused, it is destined only for those, hu graduated in Shambhala 1024, because it is an upgrade.
In same way like Shambhala 1024 also Shambhala 2002 is connected to master Saint Germain and other upraised masters.
I wish You, that Shambhala bring to Your lives many light, love, peace and caress.
A small step in the life can take You closer to the target in Your life... It is important to look into the distance and see the light that can shine for the whole world on a morning.
I wish You to do the step allready today, in this moment. Our world needs many light and the love beam of Your heart can burn up like torch-light of love and raise up our planet to higher dimensions.

With love in my heart and a sunny hug

Your Miladka.


Recommended literature:
James Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight, The Secret of Shambhala
Božena Koubová – U Karmického soudu (translator’s note: only in Czech language)
Nicholas Roerich – Shambhala